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average stalker
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-New Inventory


-Length - i like the locations, but i hate how you spend only 1 level there and then move on. the game in general is just way too short.
-Hints - all the extremely obvious shinny stuff and the chat on the headset
-Headset - make it optional
-Vehicles - those parts of the game were just really lame. the vehicles are usually very fun during TR games like the jeep in Last Revelation and the atv in TR3, but on Legend it just seemed like you were playing a james bond game.
-Level Design - i want to explore during a TR game. the was only one way to complete each level and i find that very boring.
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Amazing Graphics
Great Music
Breath Taking Environments
Perfect Lara Model
Terrific Voice work


Too Easy, Autograb!?
Mansion too small, 4 rooms? how about 83?
Too short, 9 levels
The headset is annoying for players who prefer the more independant deel
Combat was quite poor, bullet time?
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Tomb Raider Jay
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Positives ~

Lara Croft, her character and emotions are perfect - don't change a thing!
Locations, all very beautiful, well designed and varied
Graphics, excellent for a port - Xbox 360 version was really beautiful

I honestly can't think of anymore positives

Negatives ~

Too Short!, the game was over just as it was getting into it's stride
Too easy!, pathetic difficulty level with no real sense of achievement
Too many hints, we are not stupid - take these hints out!
Prince of Persia copying, don't be so lazy and just copy another game, look back into TR's own gameplay roots and build from there!
No puzzles, well there were but they were extremely easy
Shallow combat, no depth what so ever!

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Tomb Raider
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Graphics - Enviroments looked stunning.
Locations - Nice variety of them.
Controls - Easy to get used to
Story - Intresting story.
Sound - The music on some of the levels is fantastic.


Game Length - The game was very short.
Traps - The traps were way to easy to overcome.
Level design - Each level was just moving forward and forward, you didnt really have to backtrack and explore like in the previous games.
Bike levels - Very annoying after a while.
Enemies - Not enough variety of enemies.
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Lara's Boy
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1. Locations
2. Graphics
3. Sounds
4. Story
5. Lara's Personality


1. Game Length
2. Simplicity of puzzles/over zealous hand holding
3. Headset
4. Only one level per location
5. The levels seemed very small compared to the original TR's....felt very confining.
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Tomb Raider
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Graphics(especially in next-gen)
Lara's moves
Too much cutscenes!

Short game
Bosses(I hated final boss)
It's easy(you always know where to go!)
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Relic Hunter
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Avalon storyline
Lara has friends
Mansion (although it could *definitely* be bigger!)
Responsiveness of the controls

Faaaaar too short. More levels per location, please! Also make the levels more expansive and the terrain more challenging to traverse (not just swingy bars and cracks in cliffs to shimmy across).
Faaaaar too easy - almost insultingly easy in some places, especially with the hint system and autograb (the controls were responsive, but far too simplified)
Lack of exploration and feeling of being railroaded - although locations are stunning, you can't actually go anywhere and so they feel very restrictive.
Headset - As much as I like Alister and Zip as characters, their constant nattering broke the feeling of isolation and tension.
Lara's inability to walk in a straight / run in a straight line when engaged in combat (that ridiculous sidling-chicken-hop she does when running around enemies irritated me immensely. I felt I had to engage in combat the way the computer wanted me too, rather than develop my own tactics as per the older combat style).
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1. motorcycle levels were fantastic.
2. controls and lara's acrobatic and monkey-like movements were great.
3. Great use of cutscenes and story-line.
4. great use of boss fights.
5. diverse set of locations.

1. headset chatter from zip and alister. lara's chatter was fine, zip and alister were too much.
2. breaking away from lara's original bio and the AOD storyline.
3. to repetitive puzzles and moves: pole swing, grapple, crate, pole swing, grapple, crate... etc etc
4. too short. we need more levels in each location to give it that epic tomb raider feel.
5. no animals as enemies except a jaguar/snow leopard and dog. human enemies also die far too easily.
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Positive Points
1. Great reply value
2. Very fun and engaging combat system
3. Easy controls (PS2)
4. Level Design
5. Costumes

1. Too short
2. Levels not big enough
3. Repetative gameplay
4. Not enough traps
5. Mansion too small
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++ controls
re play value

-- linear game play
puzzles not challenging
battle system
PDA (never used it or found it useful)
Boss battles
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