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Barry Matharoo
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Default Patches for trle Update

ever since there are patches available for trle most people don't know from where to get them or how do they work so basically i will tell about each patch its function and download link

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Barry Matharoo
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By: Ensi

Its a really cool patch.
It allows you to change almost all of the codes of tr4
like enemy damage pistol damage, flare color
also fixes holester bugs
also allows you to write custom flipeffects


01) Change drawing distance range
(hardcoded default was ~20 sectors, now almost unlimited, NO CRASHES).
02) Change distant fog range
(hardcoded default was ~12 sectors, now almost unlimited or disabled).
03) Disable, force or softly change room/object clipping.
04) Turn on/off Look Transparency.
05) Turn on/off enemy disappear (for both water and land enemies).
06) Disable "blinking" flare.
07) Change internal SFX sample rate.
08) Change general dynamic lights intensity.
09) Disable specific gameplay actions:
a) Inventory (useful when you don't want user to use keys, medkits etc. in
b) Load and save.
10) Modify "holster" weapons' behaviour (damage dealt, gun flash duration, fire rate,
bullet dispersion, targeting distance for EACH weapon independently, twin weapon
11) Modify shotgun behaviour:
a) Damage, gun flash duration, shot amount, dispersion, targeting distance.
b) 'Revive' shotgun flash mesh (useful for creating other weapons in SG slot).
12) Modify grenade launcher and crossbow damage, and also crossbow bolt fly speed.
13) Modify all health, air, sprint, loading and option bar colours, and sometimes
sizes and position. Critical blinking speed is also adjustable.
14) Modify GFX parameters:
a) Lightning colours, durations and behaviour.
b) Blood sprite size, intensity, lifetime, spread factors, opacity and colour.
c) Various colours for various game effects.
d) Some gun smoke durations.
e) Hardcoded waterfall scroll speed.
f) Ricochet sparkles amount and never seen before fall-off sparkle effect.
g) Grenade/crossbow explosion blast and fireball radius/duration/dispersion.
h) Sky move direction.
i) Animated textures speed.
j) Widescreen black bars height and fade-in speed.
k) Underwater dust parameters.
l) Fadeouts speed and duration.
m) Hardcoded volumetric fog colour table.
n) Waterfall mist behaviour.
o) Sprinkler behaviour.
15) Modify effective area, colours and other settings for some hardcoded lights.
16) Disable unlimited pistol ammo and make "Pistol ammo" item functional.
17) Independently change amount and assortment of start-up items (medkits, flares,
binoculars and some other items).
18) Change start-up health, air and sprint values.
19) Independently change quantity of all pickupable ammo/flare units and some pickups'
20) Ability to lock automatic camera (useful when creating screenshots) and change
"move away" threshold (stick camera).
21) Change ALL enemy hit-points (including "bulletproof" enemies (like skeletons) and
indestructible enemies (like Set)).
22) Change main fonts' colours, legend title duration and title screen special FXs.
23) Change some in-game physics (mostly rotation factors).
24) Disable vehicle explosion when touching water.
25) Change amount of secrets displayed in Statistics.
26) Change inventory item rotation speed.
27) Fix [being hit] / [no ammo] sound bugs.
28) Change maximum HP/AP/SP value, HP drain factors and most of enemy attack power.
29) Change old and young Lara's haircut (twin/single ponytail).
30) Fix horrible TR4 compass bug (now compass will show ACTUAL direction).
31) Turn off compass cheats.
32) Fix horrible TR4 holsters bug (now holsters will contain UZIS and REVOLVER again).
33) Fix horrible TR4 SAS grenades bug (now SAS grenades will actually hurt Lara).
34) Modify crossbow bolt flags (useful when creating other weapons in crossbow slot).
35) Modify grenade ammo flags.
36) Modify grenade timer, grenade weight and grenade launch power.
37) Enable 2 absolutely new ammo types for grenade gun.
38) Custom savegame trigger (mean "savegame crystal" from TR1).
39) Disable small climb delay.
40) Turn on shotgun gunflash, so realistic MP5/M16/Gatling Gun now can be created.
41) Change hardcoded jeep/secret soundtracks and ability to turn it off.
42) Force volumetric FX = OFF, so player won't need to change game settings everytime.
43) Change camera options, including Field Of View (FOV) parameter.
44) Change jump gravity and falling damage.
45) Change hardcoded objects behaviour.
46) Add custom one-block platform object.
47) Freely edit game credits - lines/chars, audiotrack, turn off scripted lines.
48) Fix ridiculous flyby credits bug.
49) Add secret level workaround (like in TR3 and TR2Gold).
50) Create up to 100+ user-defined flipeffects from scratch with special FURRlanguage.
51) Create up to 100+ unique events for different racetimer values using FURRLanguage.
52) Create and manage custom, user-defined patch sequences.
53) Increase enemy limit from 5 to 20+.
54) Increase level buffer memory from 5 MB to 20 MB.
55) Increase per-mesh vertex limit from 255 to 65535.
56) Increase max. savegame slots from 15 to 24.
57) Increase max. music tracks from 111 to 127 and change looped marker.
58) Extend sample memory from 256 kbytes to 1 megabyte.
59) Increase object limit from 256 to 1024.
60) Increase maximum flyby sequences from 8 to 64.
61) Increase maximum static mesh slots from 60 to 240.
62) Increase particle buffer from 256 to 4096 particles.
63) Increase dynamic lights buffer from 32 to 127. Also fixes flare bug.
64) Increase fog bulb buffer from 5 to 21.
65) Increase max. amount of ropes in level from 5 to 30.

Check user guide for detailed instructions and pictures and instructiones:

Also download syntax file and draco patch set from that page it contains commands for custom flipeffects, and new patches.


User Guide:
User Guide

You may also need europian version of trle exe get it from here:

Windows 98

Windows XP

In order to use increase static limit u need new version of wadmerger get it from here:

Wadmerger Update

Be Sure to Read Here how to use wadmerger.

When u are out of statics slots just press shift and copy the staic to extra slots. It would be copied to same slot then again select it on wad side and select rename and select any one of extra slots
One very usefull tool within TREP is the Flipeffect Editor.
This Editor allows you to create custom flipeffects which can be triggered ingame.
You enter a certain command in the Flipeffect Editor to create your own custom flipeffect.
The possiblities are enormous!

You can find more codes (and add ones yourself) in THIS THREAD.


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Barry Matharoo
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Next Generation Level Editor: By Paolone

The Feature list is quite large
but some imortant ones are:
1. 128X128 textures can now be used
2. spinning problem solved
3. no more cashing for large levels
for more reda the help file

This new editor will be followed shortly by the Next Generation Tomb 4 game Engine. Until then, however, a number of the features - like cold breath, rain and snow - will not be available.


Make sure you also do download update dll from there

Help File

Help File


Extended memory patches: By Paolone

two patches to extend memory in tom2pc.exe and tomb4.exe


Patch for tom2pc.exe allows to handle until to 30 pages of textures in wad files without crash.

Tomb4 patch extends memory for geometry world (vertex of rooms and statics) from 4 MB to 20Mb.

__________________________________________________ ______________

To discover cause of crash of own custom levels:


This is a logger program to enable newly the diagnostic functions of tomb4.
Probably programmers of eidos used somewhat to test tomb4 with their official level.

Remeber to apply the patch you find in above zip file if you perform tomb4 under windowsxp.
That patch remove a memory leak bug under windowsxp.
To have best result you can perform tomb in windowed mode and you'll can see in real-time always the last

mexage sent from tomb4.
At end you can use command Show->Last tomb log to see whole log file created by tomb4.

__________________________________________________ ______________

For the next two patches u require standars uk version of winroomedit get it form here:


In this version there is the patch for slowdown but not for that for 6000 objects but you can patch also that with this version.

__________________________________________________ ______________

This patch allows you to use 6000 objects with winroomedit:


Bug Warning: If u have patched your winroomedit and saved your project
thenu must always use patches winroomedit to open your projects otherwise all triggers and objects would get messed up

__________________________________________________ ______________

This is the patch to remove trouble of too fast rotation in room editor.

To avoid to slow down always the program (not good thing) you can enable slow down keeping down the left shift key.
While shift is down the slowdown is enabled, while when the shift is released the program will work at max speed.
In this way operation like to create wad will can work fastly.

Since, when the prject grows, the program (normally) slows down, you can set 9 different slow down factors, using combination of SHIFT + numeric key (not pad)
SHIFT + 1 (fast, only with a little slowing down)
SHIFT + 2 more slow
SHIFT + 9 (slowest)

__________________________________________________ ______________

Lens Flare Color Changer By:Heinz

Lens Flare Color Changer

__________________________________________________ ____________

Some More stuff By: Various

all custom flipeffects and draco patches that are not inclued with trep but had been posted in forums
here is the link:


i will add new commands in them as they come by

new color for flashes: By : Heinz
the flash command in flipeffect editor


just copy new colors from this syntax file and paste it in your syntax file

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Barry Matharoo
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Weather patch

- Weather
- Lara Positionchanger


The Lara positionchanger overwrites the whitelight slot. All you have to do is to place an object in the map and trigger it. When Lara steps on the trigger she warps to the object. She will be facing toward the cone of the object. Do not place the trigger on the same square like the object or else lara sicks on this square forever and you have to restart the level.

You can easily trigger the weather you want with a Flipeffect 22 trigger and the timer field of the trigger.

rain=timer 1
snow=timer 2
nothing= timer 3

- Please don't forget to set the rooms to OUTDOOR else there is no weather

- You don't need to reset the weather when you want new weather, just step on a flipeffect with another timer and weather changes immediatelly.

- Also when using snow somewtimes snow won't show in rooms that have been set outdoor and sky is showing its not a bug in patch but it is a feature of trc. In order to show snow in that room create an empty room on top of the room and set it to outside. More info here:

- Also remember u can't use weather in title level

IMPORTANT: When using Pyuaumchs TREP be shure that you have the option "extend Tomb4 exe size" and "remap particle" buffer switched to ON. It won't work otherwise!! Use TREP version trep_v073a for that.

Note: there was a rumour that this patch does not works with 98. Well it works a ok.

Also sometimes the level crashes when u start the level or end the level. A way to avoid this is simple untrigger weather befor ending level and don't trigger weather directly beneath lara at begining of level. Trigger weather just at next block and your level will now experience no crashes at all.

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Barry Matharoo
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Finally to get help for all these patches u can post a topic here at trf or visit the forum

(Warning, you should use popup blockers and spy ware protection before getting in here.)

An Old Thread related to patches


Mac Patches

Now finally something for mac players
you can change amounts of secrets in a level


Credits go to:

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Question Links

Can you check some of the links again please? Whilst the first ones for TREP etc are working, and for the extend memory patch, the next few from discovering the cause of your own level crashing on don't seem to be working. Get a lovely page not available message in Italian! Wonderful language that!

Not being nitpicky, perhaps the sites were down when I tried!
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what a great thread this should be locked and stickied and added to whenever there are updates. it would be nice to know when what update come out and what it does, and to have all this info in one place.... i usually relaize after a month of level planning that what i thought was once impossible is now possible via these great patchers nice thread barry!
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Thread made sticky.

Good one Barry!
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Red face Apologies ...

I have uncommonly bad manners! I should have said on my previous post, what a great idea it was to have this thread, rather than just launch in with a problem! My sincere and humble apologies!
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Well, I decided to leave this thread open so people can post their questions and problems reguarding the patches here.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.
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