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Smile "Threads Of Inspiration" index for attention of CD!

Some time ago there was a discussion concerning "suggestions threads" which are made before the next game is released (like the one we have stickied), and one of our friends here (Reggie) suggested this alternative: A list of all helpful and inspiring threads in a sticky thread. Well, the only problem was arranging it . Now here you are!

Ideas/suggestions regarding gameplay:

Tomb Raider - The way forward
This was an exceptional thread: Full of ideas! I'll split it up into some parts:
Page 1 - 5:
Interesting and elaborate discussions regarding general elements of a TR game which should be noticed/remembered.
Page 5 - 8:
A little Legend vs Classics discussions during which good points are mentioned.
Page 8 - 11 + page 14 - 15:
An inspiring idea of an island as suggested for a next-gen TR location developed in detail by some members.
The rest is also interesting and worth reading, specially on page 21.

Ditch the Story. Bring on the Objectives!
An interesting way of making the game non-linear by means of objectives.

Space-Time portals
What if Lara could travel in time, using Legend's mysterious portals?

Probability Storms
Eerie storms that randomize the people/buildings/...

Do you like timed puzzles?
Should timed puzzles stay? How should they be implemented?

Interactive Cutscenes

Non-Linear Gameplay
(poll) It is just really important, isn't it?!

Multiple pathways tied to different secrets

Puzzle Idea's
Few replies, but good ideas.

How can they make Tomb Raider 8 easy and hard?

Game Difficulty?

Instead of a Difficulty level...
Different types of game-play in which different types of adversaries exist.

Should Lara comment?
I categorized this in the "gameplay" category!

No more shiny playthings!
Shiny objects, grapple... .

How would you like TR8 to be?
An interesting poll: An evolved version of old TRs? Like Legend but longer and more puzzles? Exactly like Legend?

How should the Levels flow?
Old four level per location or the new system?

Should CD add the survival element?

Suggestions on locations/levels:

What locations should be in TR8?

What new locations would you like to see in TR8.

Avalon or the ruins next door?
What kind of locations should be in TR8?

It cant be all tombs
Non-tomb locations? How and how many?

Types of levels in future TRs
(poll) Tombs, cities, ... ?

Levels of Inspiration for Crystal...
This was also a fantastic thread: Which levels do you recommend the developers to look at as inspiration?

Please don't make a level like....
The negative of the last one!

Avalon doesn't necessarily mean nice n' cute...
And now! What may Avalon look like? What plots may it be connected to?

A ancient place that can be visited in TR8...
More than "a place" actually!

What makes a good level in Tomb Raider?

Describe the Perfect TR 8 Level

What's your most wild fantasy of a underwater level
Suggestions on underwater levels.

Lara in outer space?

A couple of ideas.

Training level
We may need a training level, how should it be made?

Evolution of Evening Lara
A possible scenario for a level in which guns aren't allowed (like evening Lara in Legend).

STEALTH: Does it deserve a second chance?

How about using a time feature?
About "real time" feature, the sun rises and goes down during the game, just like real life.

Something like the above thread, this time a changing weather.


Idea for future manor
Pages 1 - 2: Idea: A house which understands what time in the year it is, and changes accordingly!
Pages 2 -3: Fantasies about outside of the Mansion.

Ideas For Mansion

What Rooms, in the mansion, Should Be Added in TR8
Rooms and features... .

Remake the old house Crystal Dynamics, please!

You all might think this is lame!
Mansion again.

Moves, controls:

Hand To Hand Combat

Addressing gunplay weakness.

The Gunplay and Battle system

How many people miss the sprint feature?

How to implement varying jump lengths without resorting back to the gridsystem...

Evolution of the Safety-Grab/Last Chance Grab ???

Swimming Controls: 'Classic' or 'Legend' ?

The swimming old/new????

How should lara climb?

Should there be tight rope/beam walking?

The Horizontal ropes from TRC Back or not???
The same subject as above.

Does anyone actually hate the new controls?

Do we really need the mouse controls?

Back to Better Animations

Here's an idea
Ideas about realistic health and fatigue.

Weapons, gear, items, inventory, ... :

Should Lara carry a Hand weapon 2.

Gun Selection

the weapons

weapons and gadgets?

Which weapons should be in TR8?

Excalibur as a default weapon in the next game?

The Inventory for TRAE

Would you like the Unlimited Backpack back?

Flares or LED?

Lighting Devices

Binoculars RAD Mode

To Grapple or not to grapple?

Headset. No matter how much we hate it, I think it's here to stay.

Do we need Lara's Headset in the future?

Shut em' up!
What if we could tell A&Z to keep quiet by pressing a simple key each time?


Dont kill animals anymore
To kill or not to kill, that's the question!!

anyone here actually wants more mercs and explosions in the next TR game?

Tomb Raider 8: List of Dead Characters/Animals


Lara's look, voice, character, ... :

Who do you want to voice Lara in future TRs?
If you (developers) care at all!

Brand new lara
How should Lara look?

does lara need inprovments?
How do you want her to look? What do you want her to have? This thread has an impressive amount of reply!

Poll - Braid or Ponytail

Goodbye Hollywood Lara... PLEASE!

Old Bio or New Bio?
"Bio" would mean Biography!

Bringing back the old bio - how could it be worked in?

Which Lara do you prefer?
Maybe not exactly a "suggestion thread", but anyway about Legend Lara in comparison to Classic Lara.


OUTFIT Selection do you want..
Pages 13-15: An off topic but interesting discussion on the auto-grab feature and varying jump lengths.
The rest is totally about outfits and unlockables.

Wishlist of extras/unlockables for AE

Instead of outfits, how bout full characters?
Unlockable characters for playing in game?

TRA Bonus features

Mixing TR with and or getting inspiration from another game?

Games to emulate.
Or stimulate... .

Who would like Lara in Super Smash Bros.?

Tomb Raider - Oblivion
Suggestion about mixing TR and Oblivion.

Crystal Dynamics Should Look at Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

If Tomb Raider was a sandbox game... Litterally!
Tomb Raider and GTA... ?

Tomb Raider Needs To Evolve... Why? "Just Cause"

Tomb Raider - Train Simulator
Mixing TR and train simulator, so that Lara uses a train for transportation.

What is the genuine/old Tomb Raider feeling people talk about?

That Tomb Raider Feeling

What makes tomb raider!?

Di's Opinion Poll

Difference Between Legend and Classics

Stuff We Want Back From The Classics.

What do you really love about Tomb Raider games?


Remember Legend's forklift? Should it be used again? How to improve it and other vehicles.

Future innovation of the Motor-Bike sequences...

Tomb Raider music: Orchestral or contemporary?

Do you like a constant sound track? Bring back the chanting monks!

Do we need Time Trials in TR8?

Ideas to make it longer

Will we ever see an M rated TR?
The question is: Should we?!

Blood and Gore - Yes or No?

The plot: essential or not?Or more or less?Or...?
Suggestions about the story.

CD should look at TR4 (Last Revelation) for the future...

Should Crystal Dynamics look back to AOD?

A little touch of AOD for the next game?
Should there be another non-Lara character like Kurtis?

Votes for Kurtis Back In Tr8!

Vote - Save system

Checkpoints to go?

Tomb Raider Multiplayer?

Tomb Raider Realisticity
Need TR be realistic?

It doesn't have to be realistic!
Yes, the same subject! Any problem?!

To be updated...

And of course we had this thread which is without a doubt a good source of data:
IMPORTANT: Question for all players of Tomb Raider Legend
Five positive points and five negative points about Legend.
Meinen Tod lobe ich euch, den freien Tod, der mir kommt, weil-ich-will.

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Smile Points

Some points I'd like to mention:
1-The list contains threads discussing a feature, wether it must remain the same, change or evolve, along with threads introducing a new feature or idea. These are basically different things but I find both of them useful for developers.

2-I chose threads that intended to be a suggestion or idea thread from the first post, so ideas appearing accidently in a news/complaint/speculation/etc thread are missed here.

3-Basically I tried to pick the threads which could provide developers with some info, i.e. what features the fans like most, etc. I didn't consider comments like: "I want the glory of TR2" a "suggestion" .

4-Threads with few replies are excluded, unless they contain new ideas and not a discussion.

5-I didn't let my own legendary orientation interfere anything.

6-I focused mostly on TR8 suggestion threads since I guess it's too late for making suggestions about TRAE.

7-Repeatitive topics weren't rare. I actually welcomed them, since statistically speaking they are like repeating an experiment.

8-Notice my subtitles under threads' titles, because some titles are vague or misleading.

9-Please feel free to add the link of a thread if you think it contains a suggestion or good idea that I missed.

10-I hope I didn't goof matching threads with their link!

Meinen Tod lobe ich euch, den freien Tod, der mir kommt, weil-ich-will.

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Wow! That must have taken ages!
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Very cool
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Thumbs up

Great work Shaahin. You deserve a medal.
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Dear God! Brilliant job there, I'm sure it'll be very helpful for the CD Spies.. Uh, I mean, researchers
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jezus that a whole list

thanx for collecting them in 1 topic
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Wow great list, hopefully CD will be reading this

Out of interest, how long did it take you to create this thread?
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When I first saw this topic I expected to see about 10 threads max. Great job. It must have taken a long time searching through the forum for all those threads. I think this should be stickied. Its pretty much like the suggestion thread but its easier for CD to search for what kind of suggestions they're looking for.
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Originally Posted by Titanium
Out of interest, how long did it take you to create this thread?
Well, something like 3-4 days, each about 2 hours I guess.
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