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Default Load Camera Coordinates Explained

A common question posed by new builders is ...
"In my level when Lara dies the program crashes to desktop".

This is a problem caused by incorrect load camera coordinates and can be adjusted by editing the script. The load picture shown during loading the level is produced by taking a 'shot' from a camera using these coordinates:
LoadCamera= 89366,-258,48077,88372,-1300,45701,0
where the first six numbers are x,y,z coordinates of the camera and the x,y,z coordinates of the camera 'target' (which direction it is pointing). The last number being the room number.

How to fix it!

Here is a block of script for the Karnak level.

Name= Temple Of Karnak
Horizon= ENABLED
Layer1= 128,96,64,7
Puzzle= 2,Canopic Jar 1, $0001,$0320,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 3,Canopic Jar 2, $0001,$0320,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 1,Sun Talisman, $0000,$0500,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 1,1,Sun Disk, $0000,$0180,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 1,2,Sun Goddess, $0000,$04b0,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 5,Golden Vraeus, $0003,$0300,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 7,Guardian Key, $0009,$0300,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Key= 2,Hypostyle Key, $0000,$0400,$0000,$c000,$0000,$0002
LoadCamera= 89366,-258,48077,88372,-1300,45701,0
Level= DATA\KARNAK,110

Notice the line in bold.

Simply change it to the following and your level will not crash

LoadCamera= 0,0,0,0,0,0,0

In order to get a nice picture play your level and when you are in a nice area use 'look' to get a nice 'shot'. Press F1 which will bring up a series of numbers in the top left corner, either take a screenshot or note down these numbers. Replace the zeros with your new numbers and the picture will be displayed on loading.

Don't forget to run script.bat to create your new Script.dat and English.dat files which should be placed loose in the LE folder.
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